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Detroit Trading is building a new world of easy & better Construction.

Detroit Trading, with roots in Dubai, is gaining worldwide acclamation for the supreme work ethics and operational system. We are a well-experienced company with proficiency in the construction world. As we have a complete knowledge and update on legislation requirement, we work with our clients in accordance to that. Within few years of starting our business, we have managed to draw attention of all the big names in the construction industry by pleasing them with our top-notch services.

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After entering into the industrial lifting and providing with operational construction equipment, we came up with a brand new concept. The famous ‘Climbing Cage’ service was our invention to suffice people with ease and more security to work. This concept is taking the market by storm and clients are extremely content with the service idea. Our experts have several other ideas and concepts that will make the lifting, hoisting, rigging, placing boom, etc. much better. It’s to build a better future with more constancy.

We work and deliver only the best of the operational equipment for hoisting, rigging, placing boom, maintenance, material handling, etc. Some of the top models that we use are – HGY 32G, HGY 28G, HGY 32E, HGY 28C, S6520M25 and S6520H24 for internal lifting, S560K25B for outside lifting, etc. All these are the best in market and aid you with perfect service. Once you work with us and see the skill we possess, there is no way that you will opt for any other company.

Detroit Trading takes pride to inform that we have come a long way and strive to develop more towards betterment. For this, we constantly try to incorporate the following in our service –
• New concepts and ideas
• Regular testing of all equipment and keeping a tab on the functionality
• Expert technicians and professionals performing the operation
• We provide field inspections to ensure utmost safety and security


Detroit Trading works with an accomplished team who are experts in the field of operating as well as maintaining all lifting equipment. Over the years, we have developed a serious business relation with the best construction companies in the market along with shareholders, agents, and suppliers on our side. Our constant update of work makes our company the best and most feasible option to turn the construction dream in reality. With new conceptual development like the climbing cage lifting service, our team is sure to create a better working field and environment in Dubai and Egypt.

Detroit Trading is constantly strengthening its position to be the leading manufacturer as well as acollaboratorin the global market.Our core business, rigging, passenger hoists, internal and outside lifting, placing boom, tower crane and providing only the best globally are what we are looking forward to.
To achieve the milestone of being at the top, our work is based on conceptual innovations in our services and internal processes as well. Combining all of these together, it is what that will work as a support for successful development and construction all over the world in large scale.

We ensure to maintain an ethical working ambiance for both employees and clients for maintaining a major satisfaction regarding what they are doing. We also believe that there is no substitute of honesty, hard work, integrity, safety at work and we never compromise in it. As we proceed to a new world, there is one more thing to do – helping others. Our motto is not only to provide the best service in our field; but also to help others get a better future. That is why we all offer a helping hand in charity.

If you are still not aware what you will get from Detroit Trading service, take a look here –
• We supply all ranges of tower cranes, passenger hoists, placing boom and everything else in this field.
• We provide the best competitive price in market.
• Detroit Trading will give you the best and top most features at work.
• We provide 24x7 service and a field manager.
• All our working techniques are very up-to-date and comfortable.
• We ensure our clients are completely satisfied with our work.

Detroit Trading is a dedicated and experienced company who believes in innovation what that leads to better creation and construction. We serve to satisfy all our clients. The sky is the limit.

Contact us:
Phone number: +971 4-8802283
Fax number: +971 4-8802408
Email1: info@detroit.ae
Email2: detroit0@emirates.net.ae
Location: Detroit Trading, Dubai



Chief Operational head

“Detroit Trading commits to bringing the top-notch service, advice and equipment. As an integral part of the growing construction industry, we offer only the best to you.” – CEO, Detroit Trading.

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